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All meals will be carefully prepared by our dedicated catering staff. Meals are as interesting and varied as possible. Residents are offered choices each day and special diets including vegetarian and special needs will be catered for.

The day usually begins with:-

  • Breakfast full menu is served between 8.00-9.30am in the dining room (Cereal, toast & preserves and available should it be preferred earlier, later or should you prefer breakfast serving in the bed room)
  • Mid morning tea / coffee and biscuits.fresh fruit is served around 10.30 11.00am
  • Two-course lunch served around 12.30 1.30pm in the dining room
  • Mid afternoon tea / coffee and biscuits are served around 3.00 3.30pm
  • Two-course teatime meal around 4.30 5.00pm in the dining room
  • Night time drinks and supper snacks are served around 7.30 8.00pm
  • Crackers, biscuits, toast, cereals and drinks can be made available throughout the night on request.

All normal meals, snacks and drinks are provided with in the fees for service. (Some special dietary items are not included and will require a supplementary cover charge) Limited quantities of alcohol are offered at special occasions.



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