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Visitors are always welcome at all reasonable times and residents should feel free to entertain in their own bedroom or dining room and invite them to be joined in a cup of tea or coffee.

We actively encourage residents to maintain all forms of social contact that they enjoyed before moving to Newhaven and we will uphold Residents wishes should they not want to receive visitors.

Visitors should be made aware of their responsibility to comply with Health & Safty legislation and Fire regulations and that the kitchen, laundry and staff room are restricted areas for staff only. All visitors are requested to enter their details in the ‘Visitors Book' and to sign out on departure.

Visitors wishing to take residents off premises should speak to the senior member of staff on duty first to ensure that any medication can be provided, and that the trip out is within the capacity of the resident. This needs noting in the Visitors Book on departure and return.

Relatives and friends are encouraged to attend social events such as resident's Christmas Party, Summer Fair, entertainment evenings etc.

New Haven has a zero tolerance policy to abusive, inappropriate, disruptive or discourteous behaviour, which includes failure to follow in house rules and regulations.

Staff at the home will treat visitors with respect and courtesy and we would expect visitors to show staff and residents the same courtesy and to adhere to our in house rules and regulations.

Visitors will be asked to leave the home should their behaviour compromise safety or be offensive to others.


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